The school has born in front of Maria Quitéria Street at Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, when at that time a group of girls wanted to do surf classes on that beach. Two months has passed by and the school has got more 10 new students, most of them girls who didn´t have any one to teach them how to surf. Few time after it the boys started to come too and the school have been growing up since then. Qualified surf teachers started to enjoy the school, all of them with the I.S.A. (International Surfing Association) certificate. The school has an excelent support in structure, helped by partners. Boards for beginners are available and also all material for comfort and security of the students. Since it was open, the school has the support from Paula Barros High School, Rhyno and Local Surfwears.


The classes starts in the sand with stretching, teoric instructures and gym to prepare the students.Then it finish in the water, with practical activities.

Particular lessons to combine.

particular R$150 for particular class 1 hour
package R$350 for 5 particular classes 1 hour
group R$80 for group classes 1 hour