Surf School of Ipanema

Address: Maria Quitéria Street
Ipanema beach
(in fornt of Ceasar Park Hotel )
and Arpoador
(in fornt of the Post 7)
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

phone: 55 + 21 + 998149702 (Paulo)

ORKUT: Comunidade Escolinha de Surf de Ipanema


Paulo Dolabella

Carioca, 42 years old, he surfs since he was 10 years old. Paulo has worked as a professional surfer from his 17 to 30 years old. He has been working as a professional surf judge from 12 years and also as a surf teacher from 13 years. The most important to Paulo is the didactics, because according to him is too different being a good surfer to being a good teacher. With an excelent team, Paulo has the support from very qualified professionals as
Fábio Andrade,Denilson "Thyola",Rogério Silva and Alexandre "Pretão". All of them have the I.S.A. ( International Surfing Association ) levels  1 and 2